1 August 2018 – Andrew’s Blog – “The Dark Hand”

Yesterday was a difficult and taxing day. All the parts arrived as planned and so I dived into our engines innards determined to see things resolved. It took several hours but slowly I cleaned up the oil we had in our big engine tray whilst also removing the broken hose and diesel injection pump. My entire body has become ingrained with oil. The hand above was wearing latex surgical gloves to protect it from the oil, which worked. The rest of me is far darker and much dirtier. Thankfully I remembered to put on my ‘I can get the dirty clothes’ which means I won’t be facing the wrath of my wife when I finally get home to wash them. This may be a first and I feel like celebrating.

 Finally I got the engine running and then spent time getting it tuned and set up whilst finding minor leaks etc. It still isn’t right but I can honestly say she is running like a dream and it is only the starting which remains to be resolved. Steve and his Dad came over to help late afternoon and after some spill testing the came to the conclusion the timing is out. It seems that it is possible the lower timing marks have moved somehow and it requires an adjustment but this is hopefully something we can look at after the voyage concludes.

Susan and Philip have turned up to help crew. From the instant humour on board it looks like they will fit in well and so the next few days should be in good company. I haven’t had time to look at our passage plan yet but I am assuming we will head for Plymouth in the hope we can possibly reach it for the fifth of August. That will put us back onto schedule and offer the possibility of us visiting Padstow and Watchet on time as our adventure concludes. This is pushing things a tad so this is very much God willing and anybody wishing to prayer for us extra hard, please do.

 I suspect my personal prayer for the next few days will revolve around Psalm 107.

 “He stilled the storm to a whisper; the waves of the sea were hushed.”