3 July 2018 – Andrew’s Blog – “All That Jazz”

We had the pleasure of going to the Montreal Jazz Festival. It is a wonderful feeling attending a major music event that emulates Goldilocks and the three bears. It was busy, but not too busy, it was lively, but not too lively and there was an outpouring of love and companionship, but not as to be overwhelming. Oh and the music, that was great. I’m particularly grateful to the band in the Heineken tent, Israel Proulx, who allowed me to take some video from on top of their piano! Hopefully you can see this via the link to Youtube

To my mind this celebration of music and love demonstrated God with us, God around us and God leading us, God surrounding us. We saw nothing but good during the evening, even the drinking, whilst appreciated, was sensible and only contributed to the evening. We really enjoyed the music, spent time with some ladies of the Sikh religion, who share our belief in there being one God and got to discuss our trip with several folk as we walked about. This brings me back yet again to the Iona community, still top of mind. This linking of music, poetry and art is a celebration of our humanity but our humanity is made Imago Dei, in the image of God. Thus surely real ‘church’ is when we bring together all the fun and the joy of living and link that to our worship. For myself I saw God everywhere this evening, far more so than in many cold austere buildings that host the cross on their roofs.

The next morning some lovely Americans from a church in California engaged us over breakfast, again due to the T Shirts. It transpired they had an interest in the Celts, attended a church with groups known as both the ‘mariners’ and the ‘navigators’ and one of the guys had formed a band at university called the Druids! If you guys read this then thank you for blessing our breakfast time with your company. If you read this blog and share my belief in prayer then can I ask for it for someone we met. The person concerned has a serious illness and our general impression is that their future life expectancy may be much shorter than normal. Holding them in our thoughts and prayers for a moment would be appreciated.