10 August 2018 – Howard’s Blog

As I’m writing Andy is beavering with the engine where we are moored at Cobbs Quay Marina at Poole Harbour. We were towed in here on Thursday by two guys (pictured) who work at the marina, one the marina manager, the other a guy who works on maintenance. Between them they added humour and perspective to our current engine failure.

 The night before we were towed into the outer edges of Poole harbour by a fishing boat, so this less glamorous means of travel has become something with which we are familiar. We have been blessed by these local people even as we have struggled on our journey.

 On the way into the marina we passed a yacht in worse plight than ourselves. This boat had run aground on a sandbank as the tide fell, meaning that she was leaning over and might flood on the rising tide.

 These setbacks mean that we must split forces again. I must now go overland to Padstow (Polzeath) for an exciting evening that considers the legacy of the Celtic Saints (at 7pm at the Tube Station café) and then I’ll travel on to Watchet for the harbour festival were we have a slot on Tuesday evening to discuss the Celtic Saint who once arrived there. I’ll leave the boat to the mechanics and to prayer.

 Our trip has been a tapestry of joy and sadness, of triumph and failure. At Watchet we have just learnt that our friend Rev Nick Pelling who had hoped to join us aboard, has died. At this small harbour we will be joined again by Ed Saunders in his lifeboat. His grace is sufficient.