11 June 2018 – Howard’s Blog

Today we have travelled inland along the Caledonian Canal. This Great Glen fault line from Fort William to Inverness, is linked by lochs, canals and waterways that are used by trawlermen, sailors and canoeists. As we travelled up through the locks we were the object of attention for a lot of tourists who thronged the locks to see us make our way to higher water. We had many a conversation about Navigators of Faith and gave out our promotional leaflets linking people to our website with an invitation to pray.

Tonight we reached the halfway point, Fort Augustus at the foot of Loch Ness.

This small village was founded in the sixth century by monks from Iona led by St Cumin who in 669 was born in Ireland. He is remembered as an Abbot of Iona who wrote a life of St Columba.

Tomorrow we will say farewell to Peter Myres who has been wonderful company. Peter has been a student at Trinity college for the last two years. Before that he was a naval officer. On board ship we are all equal company so that I as his tutor become a colleague on deck and his navigational skills make him my tutor. We wish Peter well as he heads for home and for ordination later in the month.

Our next crew member to join will be Jonathan Worsley (my son) who lives at Inverness where we are now headed.