12 August 2018 – Andy’s Blog – “Consolidation”

After several hours online and on the phone I am finally getting nearer to getting these elusive studs sourced. In some respects life is both easier and harder. I am at home so it makes things easier (I have transport) but at the same time I know I have to return and face my nemesis, and that is harder from a position of comfort. Like the sign above that everyone walks past unnoticed, I feel like one person separated by two ambitions. One to finish this aspect of our adventure so the main work can begin, the other to return to work and start getting myself back on my feet. A year without any income is going to take some time to recover from and outside of prayer only I can commence that journey. Has it all been a waste of time? Part of me feels it may have been but then I saw 8 year old Thea today and 12 year old Isla. Their enthusiasm picked at a recess and reignited a fire. One of the regrets I have is that the venture was supposed to be ecumenical and I’ve allowed it to be badged and ‘owned’ in part by the Anglican denomination. I say allowed for the simple reason I could have objected harder and have been so engrossed in engine matters that by the time it became apparent it really was too late. It is making me think there may be an opportunity to engage more widely as the boat completes the final four hundred mile leg. Rather than Watchet being the much valued but planned penultimate leg, maybe it denotes the point where the venture moves from corporate institutional control to being more guided by the Spirit? Lets see what happens next.

I am starting to give some thought to the book Howard and I had agreed to co-author. The Celts believed in and operated a decentralised church system where each ‘cell’ or ‘church’ was autonomous. Equality was central to this ethos, there were little if any barriers between the clergy and the congregation. Against this I have had the privilege to look into the Anglican corporate world and there is a significant tension between how this operates and the Celtic world I am exploring. One could argue that tension is exhibited by Howard and myself but in that it precludes the input and opinions of others who have been involved. There have been a plethora of folk involved, from meeting us, hosting us, greeting us and sailing with us. Behind the scenes a wide range of people have put time, effort or money into supporting the voyage. Where are their voices, where are their opinions? I’m wondering if, rather than have a series of appendages, the final volume should consist of three strands. The corporate and institutionalised view, my view which I need to work out how to define and then the various and wide ranging views of all whom were involved or touched who wish to contribute. The dice are rolled, the games afoot.