12 August 2018 – Howard’s Blog – “A True Celt”

It has been my privilege to be accompanied by Caz M (pictured with me and the motorbike). On our journey these past six days I wish to reflect on her Celtic spirit, one that mirrors those early saints.

She is an Adventurer.
Before this week she had never sailed offshore and never been on a motorbike. This week she has travelled 90 miles aboard Rival Star in lively conditions through a lightening storm and through adverse weather conditions. She has also travelled 160 miles on the back of my motorbike through thunderous rainstorms and strong winds to arrive at Polzeath Tubestaion. None of this has phased her in the slightest.

She is a Missioner.
At the event at the Tubestation, her account of her recent experiences with Navigators of Faith contained a clear message of Christ. She was extremely clear about the need to rely on God through the storms of life.

She is a Prayerful person.
Throughout the voyage by sea and land, she has been keen to maintain our habit of morning and evening prayer.

She is a Pastor
Throughout the voyage and journey, Caz has been there for those whom we have met who needed to be listened to and needed care. This has included me.