14 August 2018 – Howard’s Blog – “Penultimate Day”

The e-mails from work are beginning to impinge on my consciousness (publishing deadlines, reading list for a new course on education for the Church of England, sermons to prepare etc) but still we have another day and night at Watchet  aboard the William Cantrell Ashley.

The event at Watchet tonight was at 7pm at the old boat museum. It was a fabulous event of Churches Together in Watchet with about 75 attending. One of them was my great friend Matt Thomson who drove down from Bristol. Surrounded by a wonderful collection of old flat bottomed double ender fishing boats (flatties) we joined in with singing sea shanties and in telling our journey and the story of the Celtic saints who first came ashore here in the Bristol channel. The local Celtic saint is called Decumen and he is remembered for bringing a cow across from Wales (setting up dairy farming) and then losing his life by being beheaded but then picking up his head and preaching. I think this means his voice spoke long after him and the gospel took hold in these parts. The Churches Together in Watchet have maintained a mobile presence on the sea esplanade this week and they sponsored the evening event.

This was a key event that was inspirational.