17 Mar 2019 – Howard’s Blog – Getting Ready to Walk

This photo shows me with Ben, our youngest son and his fiancée Ellie. They will join me in walking to York for Good Friday.

Today we used the cross as my visual aid in this morning’s sermon entitled ‘Following Jesus on His way to the cross’. I told the congregation at St Andrews, Congresbury that this is the cross we are taking with when we set out from Lindisfarne island on 15th April to walk to York. 

The cross will be my walking stick and also our calling sign. It will be planted in the ground as we camp and be our staff as we walk. It is made from the walking stick used by Jonathan (middle son) when he completed the Camino de St Iago de Compostela two years ago. As is the custom, he snapped his staff on completion of his 500 mile walk and made it into a small cross complete with the scallop shell. These I have tied together onto a longer walking stick.