19 Aug 2018 – Andy’s Blog – Handling Ropes

We had decided to depart Weymouth at 05:00. As I jerked out of my sleep state I realised the screeching I could hear was not in my dream after all. It was the wind outside. A quick check of the inshore weather forecast and we manfully took the option to go back to bed! Due to this we hadn’t expected to attend a Sunday service and the opportunity now presented itself.

Ed and I elected to go to St John’s Church in Weymouth. The basis for this was simply the two churches nearer the harbour had services starting at 10.00 and St John’s was starting later at 10:30. We had to get handy moving boats around prior to this and we were soon moored outside a new neighbour, to allow the vessel inside us to depart easily. One of those strange quirks of fate, the couple were both R.A.M.C and knew some of the folk I served with thirty years ago.

It quickly transpired, once we had managed to arrive on time, that it was a good choice. The service was well attended and a genuine feeling of welcome exuded. Add a genuinely humorous story about the vicar’s two year old daughter’s recent indiscretion with her dad’s keyboard and an interesting sermon, and the job’s done. It was a real pleasure to give our gift of a signed bible to Tom the vicar. His daughter Poppy snapped the picture and of course I have my eyes closed. Fully my error! I always include a signature from Howard on each copy as it feels important that this isn’t a one man show, and of course the wonderful Ed signed it as well. Afterwards there was the normal coffee socialising, and it was wonderful feeling how interested folk were in what we were undertaking. Another challenge for our ‘Walk to York’ next year handed out, we thanked everyone and retired to ready our craft.

When we got there someone had come in and we were now sandwiched between two yachts. This took a bit of discussion but we soon had it in hand. With the Royal Navy’s training ship ‘Royalist’ close at hand it was with distinct pleasure we made a perfect exit from the mooring and Ed and I set out for Plymouth. The weather forecast is still slightly dicey and we are going for it, I’m hoping that it won’t be too lumpy!