2 August 2018 – Howard’s Blog

A Blessing from Brother Ed

Today we received a blessing from Brother Ed. I call him ‘brother’ because that is what Ed has been to us at Navigators of Faith. He has prayed for us, supported us throughout and he has believed in what we are called to do in this voyage.

On one occasion Ed even made his own personal lifeboat (pictured above) available to us after we’d promised to give Sister Rosey a day out in celebrating her Seventieth Birthday aboard Rival Star (when Rival Star was not seaworthy).

Today Ed sent us this beautiful blessing,

Ahoy there!

 I’m planning to hole up in Watchet after the weekend and wait for you. Like the Turpitz emerging from the Norwegian fjord, but with a different gospel!! May he change your baptism in engine oil to the oil of gladness!

 I’m with you as you throw everything at it. May the Lord give you the clues you need to know that he’s just waiting to partner with you as you get back on track. The gunwales on my boat are so low to enable people to be hauled on board by hand, sometimes feet first! Only humanity wants to make salvation look pretty!!

 Raising a sail when there is no wind and saying ‘here we are Lord, just you and us. We’re not doing anything else Lord. For to whom shall we go, for you have the words of eternal life!’ And as the first breath of wind the size of a man’s hand causes the sail to ruffle, offering him every inch of canvas to fill with his breath to mount up on Spirit wings.

From my end on land I can see Rival Star is heading southwards on the East coast and I am also negotiating with the Watchet Churches Together our last shore-based event.

The Churches Together in Watchet have a marquee/gazebo on the seafront as part of Summertime on 13th and 14th August.  They will be offering some simple activities, map of the Celtic saints journeys, prayer activity with boats and a story corner where we can come and chat at various points in the day.  This will be happening both days.  On Tuesday 14th August at 7pm, an event has been organised for us at Watchet Boat Museum where refreshments will be served and there’ll be some sea shanties from a local group and people would like to hear our story of the saints that we have encountered on your journey so far, what we have discovered and what the Celtic saints have to say about living in the 21st Century.