20 Aug 2018 – Howard’s Blog – Delight in Flying a Ship

This picture is of a kite left in our house by one of our sons. I thought it was only a model until someone said, ‘That’s a kite’. I took it out today and it flew….The kite symbolises my double delight.

1) I am now shore-based but I am a delighted shore-based land lubber when I see Rival Star’s progress along the South Coast and see that my estimable colleague and skipper Andy has been joined by our other skipper Ed Saunders. (Andy has found the secret of a sweet engine and Ed has left his lifeboat at Cardiff.)

2) At my end life was always scheduled to re-start again in late August with a new course offered by the Church of England that has been designed to offer training to new Diocesan Directors of Education. This now occupies my attention. I am delighted to have been asked to head up the theological component of this leadership course that is a flagship of the Church’s vision for education.

As a result I am doubly delighted that Rival Star is making way and so is the training for Church school leadership. However, I am sad not to have space and time to complete this last sea leg on board ship. Keep going guys, I’m tracking you on the website and praying for you.