28 Aug 2018 – Howard’s Blog – Homeward Bound Together

It was wonderful to rejoin Andy aboard Rival Star for the very last leg of the circumnavigation. I returned from a world of books and weddings and funerals and services to a world of tides and depths and engines and discussion.

Andy and I were Friends Reunited as we caught up on shore based events, reminisced about what we had done, about crew and dolphins and theology. Yes we put the world to right about the mysteries of Celtic missiology, about universal versus particular salvation, about eternal damnation or annihilation, about the current crisis in male identity etc etc.

The lovely truth is that once it became apparent that Andy had been able to leave Ilfracombe on the early tide and I was able to juggle the day, I drove down to Porlock Weir in time for the mighty Severn Estuary tide to change. Therefore we were able to motorsail back into Weston Super-mare on the increasing tide to find our way back onto the moorings on the River Axe. Rival Star let out a visible sigh of relief as she settled onto the buoy. Andy and I took the tender back to the beautiful Weston Bay Yacht Club that rose on stilted legs above a spring tide. There we were greeted by a longsuffering Ruth and Adele who had been waiting in the gathering dusk. Unfortunately the promise of a stiff whisky and a long yarn were truncated by the call of other business but we now look forward to putting this right.

The boat is back fifteen days beyond schedule but in good heart. Our first objective for year one of Navigators of Faith has been accomplished.