5 June 2018 – Howard’s Blog

The boat is getting there by peregrinatzio

Yes, I’m still at home in Wells but not for long as I am beginning to believe the good news that Andy is telling me. As I look out of my window I can see my boat…a Drascombe Coaster, sitting on her trolley. I’m looking lovingly at the simple 5HP engine on the back, knowing it works…..but I’m not going in her Andy has just told me that our Thornycroft engine on the Rival Star has started on the button. Hooray. That is the first start in 15 days (since 20 May).

This means that Andy and Adele and David can leave at midday.

I have just booked a flight up to Glasgow and look forward to joining Annie and David tomorrow. Together we will join Rival Star and then make for Iona, the place where it is told that a small coracle once landed.

The word ‘peregrinatzio’ (wandering with the wind) was coined when describing the journey of St Columba’s small craft across the Irish Sea to Iona. That little boat may have been as small as a single cow skin stitched onto wooden poles with a small sail to propel it across the water. Such a journey was a vulnerable journey that had no certainty of success. Such a boat could only go with the wind (in whatever direction it blew) and could only make headway with the tidal stream (in whatever direction it was going). That was why the Celtic saints believed that successful landfall was granted by God.

We are taking a leaf from their book.