6 July 2018 – Andrew’s Blog “Queue Jumping”

Yesterday my wife and I travelled back to Toronto. We ascended the CN Tower, completed in 1976, to eat in the restaurant. It is not a cheap restaurant but our prime reason for doing so was to avoid the queues. Adele had researched before we went and the difference between using the restaurant, which included entry, and simply visiting made the restaurant seem quite reasonable indeed. When we arrived we were taken into the special queue, avoided the two hour wait to ascend and had probably just finished eating as those we entered with finally got up to the crowded viewing platform area. Whilst these good folk sweated and fidgeted below we gradually rotated twice around the city scape sipping, in my case, on a good pint of local beer. The views of course are stunning.

 Back home in England Howard is busy juggling various things to do with the boat and I feel a tinge of guilt. Whilst it was pre-agreed this break would occur, as our holiday was already planned, I know how stressful it has been trying to balance everything to make sure the trip goes ahead. Howard has a huge amount of stress at the moment because the entire trips successful departure rests in his hands. In a way I feel a bit like I did coming up the lift. I am gaining across the view of our next section of the voyage but I have abdicated the queue and left him patiently at the bottom. I also know how potentially problematic it can be dealing with companies around marinas. Even for the crusty old sea dog there are a myriad of pit falls waiting for the unwary. Folk say they will do things and then do not. Companies will push agendas mistakenly trying to fit you in for their own profits rather than let you go somewhere else and get it done in good time. Good time of course is what it is all about. Things have been quiet news wise so I am hoping next week will come and I’ll spend it quietly celebrating. Our engine problems need to have been resolved, all the small things done and also the electrical items fixed or checked. Thankfully with a partner who runs a university I am quietly confident all will be well but Howard is in our thoughts and prayers today as he is carrying the full load currently.