7 August 2018 – Howard’s Blog – “Friends Reunited”

Today the shore-based team (well me) reconnected with the boat at Eastbourne. I came with a change of crew.

Philip Mountstephen and Susan Iskander headed for home as I come aboard with Jenny Impey and Caz Mills.

The grand reunion was celebrated by a big breakfast that satisfied one and all. I sense that my 3.30am alarm (and 4.45 train from Bristol) still leaves me far more refreshed than the sailors who have been blasting down the east coast in lumpy seas.

We are now heading west along the south coast to the Celtic lands of Cornwall. We are still trying to make up for lost time and have our sights on an interesting shore based event at Polzeath on 11 August when we are able to take on more crew. It seems that we do not have so far to go, in terms of the whole circumnavigation. However the south coast is an area that I have never sailed in one go and it will be the busiest part of our trip in terms of ocean traffic. I am reminded that in the Fifth and Sixth Centuries, these seaways that we travel were regarded as the motorways of their day.