8 Mar 2019 – Adele’s Blog – Final Countdown

We’re nearly there! It’s been an ‘interesting’ day! The final preparations are coming to an end. We’ve been attempting to position cars for pick ups and drop offs, fixing the camera and safety features such as a reflective strip and lights to the cross, snacks have been bought and food planned. Clothing and rucksack formation organised.

At the same time, final plans for where we can leave the cross overnight, where we can sleep and where the cross can be left during the week when we go back to work are falling into position. If you can help with any of these, please shout.

I will be returning home this Sunday having walked to Cheltenham from Malmesbury, but Andy will be continuing on to Redditch via Evesham through Monday and Tuesday. I am worried. Where will he sleep? How will his feet cope? Will he be alone? Will he be safe?

In the build up to the sea voyage we had all sorts of things that went wrong and time continued to tick on and on. This time, it’s been a little less stressful but still, things continue to get in our way.

This year so far, Andy has had to replace our hot water tank and our air source heat pump and in doing so, relocate our washing machine (and all the plumbing). We have had to take tiles of the wall in our bathroom to find a leak, fix the leak, replace the tiles and re-fix our shower screen and more tiles! We have had to replace our dryer. Andy’s car window motor stopped working and needs replacing. My car was damaged at the airport and needs fixing having now had the windscreen replaced. Oh, and we both had flu and spent the best part of 2 weeks in bed!! Not at the same time though!

You might say it’s been a tough year so far. All that time, we were supposed to be organising the trip and getting walking fit!

Today, the cross broke! Andy fixed the cross and then the car broke down – the one we need with a roof rack to transport the cross to Malmesbury for the start. After a new battery, it’s running again but it was all we needed when we were organising things today. When we got home we realised the cross wasn’t quite fixed and so it now has a new metal strut.

We also had a memorial service today to say goodbye to a friend. Ironically, that was a beautiful moment out of our stressful day to reflect. He was a talented man, full of character and he shall be missed.

It has been a hard day. However, we have kept our sanity – just! We have stayed together – just! We have kept our sense of humour – just! We have remained calm – just!! We have remained happy – almost!! How? Because we have faith. Because we know that all we can do is keep on keeping on. Because we know that it’ll be alright in the end. Because we know that this is God’s mission, not ours. Because we know that God walks with us.

That is what I need to remember when I’m worrying about Andy. When he was on the boat last year I knew that he would be safe. The boat was so much more capable than the crew and I knew that he is an excellent sailor so I didn’t worry for his safety. This time around, there are more unknowns, but I know that he is strong and I know he has a purpose. I know that God will be with him.