9 August 2018 – Howard’s Blog

What a mighty team we have

It sometimes takes adversity to find out the quality of those around you.

Yesterday our new crew set out from Brighton into a gathering lightening storm. We said our prayers as the sun went down. The dulcet tones of ‘ Will your anchor hold in the storms of life? ‘ could be heard by the wildlife. We turned off our mobiles aware that they can attract electronic pulse. We were aware that our metal mast was the highest point above sea level for a fair old distance.

 As we took watches into the night and the sea conditions worsened. I became seriously sea sick for the second time this trip.

 Within my delirium of that long passage I was rarely coherent and certainly of no earthly use. As I lay sweating on a bunk in the forepeak, I was aware of Skipper Andy’s constant good humour and wisdom as the engine lost power and we resorted to sail. I was aware of Caz Mills cheerfulness as she learnt her way around the boat as a first time sailor. I was aware of Jenny Impey’s professionalism as a competent crew member in discussing how we might proceed. I was deeply conscious that God had given us a crew that were bonding and looking after each other.

 What a mighty God we have.

 The fact that we are now stranded in Poole Harbour with a failing engine and requesting a tow does not alter this!