9 June 2018 – Howard’s Blog

Today is 9th June and we are on Iona, four days later than planned….but we are catching up.
What we did not realise was that today is St Columba’s day and we have inadvertently picked the key festival day to make our appearance at the centre of his celebration.

Last night, after a long day’s motorsail in blissful conditions, we dropped anchor at Ardalaish Bay on the nearby island of Mull…a place of safe anchorage. Today we got up early and we’re underway by 6.30 in order to be on time for the chapel service in Iona Abbey at 9am. We were there bang on time.

After the morning service we were warmly welcomed by the Iona Community who had been awaiting us these past few days. The community co leader Christian Mclean made the bathroom and shower room available to us. A Christian poet, Jan Sutch Packard read us some of her poetry.
We loved her poem ‘Peregrine trapped in a church’ . A few lines are,

‘There’s a bird window
High in the sanctuary-
A medieval escape hatch-
But now it’s glassed in to keep the draughts out.
That’s the way institutions work!

We have caught a sense of Columba’s dove (or is it a wild goose?), here on Iona.