a sea journey seeking the early voyages and life stories of Celtic Christianity

Navigators of Faith are setting out on a round-Britain expedition in the summer of 2018. The adventure begins on May 10th when a boat sets out from Bristol docks after an initial event in Hotwells Church, with Howard Worsley and Andy Carnegie to trace the sea routes, landing places and influences of the early Celtic Christian saints.

listening carefully to local stories of land, sea and culture that recapture the old stories of faith

We’ll be re-discovering how the story of Jesus was first brought to Roman Britain – how that story took deep root in Celtic Britain and flourished for centuries.

creating open ‘table talks’

Throughout the voyage Howard and Andy will be hosting conversations and participating in events with coastal communities exploring the contemporary secular life of Britain, and what the stories of the Celtic saints might offer us today, in the search of new dialogues about the central offer of modern faith.

Principle Ports of Call are shown on the map above.

We will almost certainly be sailing past you, consider if you would like to invite us?
A full list of ports will be updated during April 2018

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