Carrying the Message

In 2018 Andy and Howard stepped out into risk in an act of faith. They completed a circumnavigation of the UK, pursuing the stories of the Celtic Saints. Those saints visited and then they went on to declare, creating a wave of evangelism that formed the basis of our nation. Thus the ‘Walk2York’ was planned to emulate that declaration, sending out a very simple message. – that the United Kingdom is a christian country and it is acceptable for christians to declare their faith.

Creating a wave of people to join us, to declare they are part of the church

Every port visited has been presented with a bible, signed by everyone on board, asking them to pick up their cross and relay it to York during Lent 2019, to arrive for Good Friday (that may be flexible and become Holy Thursday, the day before Good Friday, but that will be clarified into the New Year). Lent begins with Ash Wednesday on the 6th March and the request is for each church to build a cross and relay it on foot towards York, from one church to the next, regardless of their denomination.

Each church will be encouraged to post a blog about their particular journey, sharing stories along the way. On either Thursday 18th or Good Friday 19th, there will be a service in York and everyone involved or anybody interested is encouraged to travel there for the service.

Conveying the cross

For anyone who would like to do more than a few miles, Andy and his wife Adele are planning to leave Malmesbury on the first Saturday in Lent and walk the cross all the way during the weekends of Lent. This will mean walking about 25 miles a day, almost a marathon.

Any organisation wishing to join in, please let us know. More details will be posted as this evolves.