Help Required with a 12ft Cross

On the 9th March 2019 we start walking from Malmesbury to York, intentionally using long weekends to allow others to both engage and join us. 

We need help and you can aid us by reading further.

1. Company –

We don’t care what faith you have or haven’t got – if you would like to walk with us please come along, just show up. You are welcome to carry the cross, we will welcome the assistance.

2. Greeting –

At the moment the first church, Cirencester Baptist Church,  has agreed to meet us on Saturday 9th March, and we are being met at York Minster on the 13th April. If you can help, please email us at

      Our schedule is as follows:

  • Malmesbury – Ash Wednesday 6th March: Malmesbury Abbey
  • Cirencester – Saturday 9th March: Cirencester Baptist Church
  • Cheltenham – Sunday 10th March: St Paul’s Church
  • Evesham – Monday 11th March: All Saint’s Church
  • Redditch – Tuesday 12th March: Our Lady Of Mount Carmel R C Church
  • Birmingham – Friday 15th March: Church of the Holy Cross, Billesley
  • Sutton Coldfield – Saturday 16th March: Holy Trinity RC Church
  • Lichfield – Sunday 17th March: Christ Church
  • Burton-on-Trent – Saturday 23rd March: St Marys Church, Stretton
  • Derby – Sunday 24th March: Derby Vineyard Church
  • Alfreton – Monday 25th March: St Martin De Tours Church
  • Chesterfield – Tuesday 26th March: Holy Trinity Church
  • Sheffield – Friday 29th March – St Chads, Wood Seats
  • Conisbrough, – Saturday 30th March
  • Doncaster – Sunday 31st March: Doncaster Minster 11:00
  • Selby – Saturday 6th April depart Doncaster 06:30 ETA 16:00
  • Bishopthorpe – Sunday 7th April Depart Selby 06:30 ETA 11:00
  • York – Saturday 13th April: Arrive 15:00 York Minster

    Depart Bishopthorpe St Andrew Church 12:00 for last 3.6 miles into York
    Please Consider joining us either for the walk there or at York Minster
  • an Eventbrite page will be put up to ascertain likely numbers

If any churches would like to join us it would be a blessing.

3. Cross Sanctuary –

We would also like somewhere to be able to leave the cross during the week on the following dates:

Lichfield 17th March to be picked up Friday night or Saturday morning 23rd March

Chesterfield 26th March to be picked up Friday night or Saturday morning 30th March

Doncaster 1st April to be picked up Friday night or Saturday morning 6th April

Selby 7th April to be picked up Friday night or Saturday morning 12th April

4. Finance –

We are stepping out with nothing but a sleeping bag, a 12 ft cross (plus some water and a choccy biscuit probably). We are hoping that we will be offered help along the way, a spare bit of floor, an old discarded cucumber sandwich, anything would be appreciated. We have to plan though as if this isn’t assured, we also have transport costs getting to and from each stage.

Any offers of help or donations really appreciated, in the unlikely event of not getting any help we believe our outlay would be of an order of about £1,500. Every £1 donated will go towards actual costs, nobody gets paid and any excess will go towards the 2020 project looking at new monasticism. To donate, click here.

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