I Have Faith – Charly Cureton

I have faith in the Navigators of Faith.

I have faith in the wonderful Rival Star, if ever there is a yacht to go to sea in, it is her (and this is saying something seeing as I have a phobia of ropes!).

I have faith in Andy (Skipper), I have never seen someone show such dogged determination in getting Rival Star to the start line, Edinburgh and beyond…..

My children have absolute and unwavering faith in Andy, Howard and Rival Star –  they have been captivated by the voyage and it forms the ‘hot topic’ at our breakfast table most mornings!

I have faith that the lessons Andy and Howard are learning on this mission of discovery can make a difference. This voyage has been far harder that anyone could have ever thought possible, but maybe true learning can only come about when we truly turn to God when times are hard. With equal measure I pray for God to ease their passage but at the same time crave the learning from their challenges.

I have a stronger faith thanks to the Navigators of Faith. I have to confess that I knew very little about Celtic Christianity at the start of this mission, but the simple messages from the Navigators of the importance of community (and learning from each other), equality and working with the environment rather than against it, really resonate with me. It is liberating recognising that my faith journey is with God alone, he is my only judge, we are so much more that the positions we hold or the churches we attend, we are God’s disciples and our constraints are only our own.

Go in faith Navigators, you are God’s disciples and he is in control, everything that has happened and will happen in the future is his way……..