Ed Saunders

Ed used to be a Solicitor, but all of that has been forgiven now! Latterly he has completed a degree in Theology at Trinity College, Bristol. He is the owner of the Liverpool class lifeboat, the William Cantrell Ashley, which was stationed at Clovelly for twenty years. He identifies his ministry as rescuing people from all manner of shipwreck, be it physical, spiritual, financial, mental or emotional, rejoicing in the truth that as he does so, he too gets wonderfully delivered.

Catherine Nancekievill

I am taking part in this voyage because I believe there is a fruitful dialogue to be had between Christianity and the problems of our time. However, we have to find new ways to listen to the stories of the places and people we meet before we can learn new ways to tell the Gospel story. Sailing requires constantly responding to the wind and the waves and in the same way the Church needs to listen and respond to the Spirit already at work in these isles.

Chris Foulkes

For me the idea of sailing and the love of the sea has always been a strong bond with me, crewing on yachts and sailing dinghies, scuba-diving et cetera. I started going to St. Andrews in Congresbury and getting more involved with the Community which strengthened my Christian beliefs, this is how I met Matthew Thompson and Howard Worsley. When Howard mentioned Navigators Of Faith and the idea of sailing around Great Britain well I thought yes I would love to take part in this. The Celts and their sailing, meeting all kinds of people on their voyage of adventure. This puts a whole new dimension for me to sail on a vessel to preach  our faith, in a calm smooth way, on a totally different tangent.

Susannah Paynter

Mark ‘Rock Star’ Pilgrim

Why am I on this Navigators of Faith trip? There’s a short answer and a long answer. The short one is ‘Because Andrew Carnegie mistook me for someone else’. The long one is ‘Because I love both sailing and unveiling the riches of the Kingdom of God – and the Navigators of Faith pilgrimage gives everyone involved the opportunity to do both of these at the same time: and, since my surname is Pilgrim, it’s quite natural for me to go on a pilgrimage – particularly sailing in the wake of the Celtic Saints.

John Hancock

Dave Stockwell

After living abroad, I moved to Bristol in 2011. I enjoy chatting with friends over coffee; sharing and discovering new perspectives on faith. I am a totally inexperienced sailor, though love travelling on boats.

Tom Murray

I was delighted to be given the opportunity to join the Navigators of faith for part of their journey, as it combined two of my great loves, talking about Jesus and sailing. I was excited to explore the Celtic spirituality and see how we could learn from those who travelled by sea to share the good news of the gospel on these shores many years ago.

Annie Gurner

My many navigations in the last 60 years have sometimes been guided by serendipity, but latterly more by the adventurous call of God. Now living in my 34th home (a place dedicated to St Oswald, whose example inspired me to leave the world of business, farming and lay renewal in Cambridge, for life as a rural vicar) – so delighted to be invited aboard beautiful Rival Star and the listening, laughing, reflecting outreach that is Navigators of Faith. Ultreya!

David Mangles

Peter Myres

Susan Iskander

Susan Iskander, Rector of All Saints Springfield in the Diocese of Chelmsford, since 2015, has been sailing since the age of four. Up to 2015 she had 29 years in health service management – mainly change management, leadership development and coaching.

Philip Mounstephen

Philip Mounstephen is Executive Leader of Church Mission Society, a community of people committed to putting the mission call of God into practice, following in what one of his predecessors called, ‘the spirit of Iona’.

Jenny Impey

Jenny is a Methodist minister serving in the Leicester Trinity. She’s part of this adventure because a colleague and friend who knows Howard and knows her love of sailing sent her an email ‘you may be interested in this’ commending Howard. As someone who has discovered a love of sailing and used it as a means of reflecting more deeply on God, life and ministry, the lure of a voyage which promised a visit to the Isles of Scilly in the company of others who were reflecting on what our faith and heritage might say to our modern culture, was just too great a temptation to resist.

Sheila Barker

Sheila was the Navigators of Faith sea voyage project administrator. Sheila had previously worked with Howard as an Assistant Director for Schools and administrative lead. They make a great team and Sheila came out of a busy early-retirement to ensure that the Navigators of Faith sea voyage administration was ship-shape during the adventure.