Andrew Carnegie

Andy is a businessman and has been sailing for most of his life. In 2012, having had limited religious involvement for much of his adult life, he underwent a series of encounters with Christ, the first being a vision of the crucified Jesus in Malmesbury Abbey. Initially sceptical, he experienced a transformation that led to him taking a part-time four year course in theology where he met Howard. Their shared interests and discussions has led to Navigators of Faith. Andy was the skipper for the sea voyage and also brings understanding of non-faith culture and the Christian experience to the mission, and seeks insights into what faith may mean today in modern Britain.

Andy, with his wife Adele, will be walking the whole distance from Malmesbury Abbey ALL THE WAY to York for the 2019 Walk to York.

Howard Worsley

Howard is a professional educator. In 2007 he travelled solo across the Sahara desert by motorbike on off-road routes. He was seeking distance from his church-based research work and rediscovery of God. In May 2018 he ventured from his desk at a leading British theological college, where he is vice-Principal, and embarked on the Navigators of Faith sea voyage –an adventure of travel and enquiry exploring how we might discern and engage with our intuitions about faith.

Charly Cureton

Charly is the Navigators of Faith behind the scenes saviour! She runs the website but obviously didn’t write this bio. Charly helped with the sea voyage in every way possible from antifouling and cleaning Rival Star to baking and helping to provision the boat. Charly also organised the making of 60 St Brigid’s crosses to be given out at each port and is behind the scenes support for the Walk to York.

Adele Carnegie

Adele is both behind the scenes and part of the crew, and is also wife to Andrew. She knows her way around sailing Rival Star and supported Andrew in getting the boat ready pre-voyage, crewed for a week in June 2018 and has got her head around updating websites! Alongside Andy, she will be walking the whole distance to York during Lent 2019, while organising the mission from the background.

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