Reflections from the boat – David Stockwell

Reflections on a week away

The ground was still rolling this morning as we had full English (Scottish?) breakfast in Ardrossan.  Two days on the waves, even though the sea was calm at times, leaves you feeling “all at sea” even on land!

It was good to see Annie, David and Howard coming to meet us as we docked.  A new crew, a bit like changing the guard but more relaxed.

Now, for me, a long journey home retracing my steps – 8 hours by train.  Was it worthwhile?  A long journey to Pwllheli; a long wait for repairs; almost two days at sea; now a long journey home.

I’ve had almost a week away from the rush and stress of 21st Century life.  Almost back in time, to a more quiet, slower pace.  Enforced rest – you can’t go anywhere when your transport isn’t working. Time to stop, to read, to list, to be.

An opportunity and privilege to be invited to think of Celtic culture and spirituality.  The Rival Star has a well-stocked library of books on the Celts and Celtic Christianity which I wouldn’t have read otherwise. Time to think about hospitality, contemplative prayer, and worship.

Three people together in close proximity working and resting and talking gives many opportunities to share.  We have talked about many things that I need to process.  Will these conversations, like the boat, bring me to a new harbour?  What new steps on my journey will they provide?  What changes will I make?  How has God spoken?

I have been the recipient of generous hospitality both from the people at Pwllheli but also from Andy and Adele on the Rival Star.  There have been times of quiet and solitude – time for contemplation and reflection.  There has been space for creativity, drawing and writing.

Will I take a new form of transport as I journey on from here?  Will my life change direction?  How will I be tacking across the sea of life?  I boarded the train at Ardrossan Harbour and left the boat behind with Howard waving from the platform after he had prayed a blessing.

Back in the business of life again but on a new voyage of discovery with God.  Was this week, this new experience, worthwhile?  Yes! If I take the seeds and pause and let them germinate, producing fruit for The Kingdom.