Mervyn McGowan – “A touch of Celtic realism”

I had never sailed seriously in my life before. I begged borrowed and bought the kit, stepped outside my comfort zone and decided to join these guys sailing from Eyemouth to Grimsby. I didn’t know Andy and had limited interactions with Howard. I bought into the whole vision and thought they were mad (I still think they are and that is based on living with them in close quarters this week). I’ve talked to people linked with Iona and Holy Island who feel that this Celtic thing is far too romanticised. It needs to be grounded and real.
Well, we haven’t left our moorings all week. As I write this, it is raining and we are still berthed in Edinburgh. Andy seems to have spent most of this week with spanners in his greasy hands or talking to engineers? Do I regret my part in this venture? Not for a minute! We have laughed, cried and shared deep personal stuff together. We have met some great people. Did the Celtic saints find it all ‘plain sailing’? Were they frustrated and irritated with people and circumstances? Did they suffer setbacks and sometimes feel like jacking the whole thing up? I’m sure they did but they persevered and the gospel spread.
We might leave Edinburgh today or tomorrow. I may end up never sailing all week. We don’t know what lies ahead in life but we know someone accompanying us on the journey. Do I regret it? No way