Suggestions on how to make a cross for the ‘Walk 2 York’

Our intended design is based around that used by Arthur Blessitt, an amazing evangelist who has walked over 42,000 miles carrying a cross. Rather than seeking to reinvent a tried and proven approach, our suggested design is based around his and the link to his web site is included here:

The Romans were great believers in simplicity and the instrument of torture and death they devised was incredible simple to construct.

  1. Tools needed (if no local carpenter is available)
    Sharp chisel, a small wood saw, a hammer, a large screw driver, some screws and some wood glue (glue added only to make it more robust but not essential). Also a wheel for the base to stop it dragging will require a metal axle holder, a nut, bolt, some washers and some spanners to tighten.
  2. Wood suggested is 3 inch by 3 inch, pine is cheap and lighter than a hard wood. Main upright 12ft and cross beam 7 feet.
  3. A wheel is suggested as it stops the bottom of the cross dragging on the floor and breaking up. The wheel needs to be big enough to allow the cross to be moved around during the walk whilst not impeding its progress. We are looking to source one from B&Q.
  4. A joint is then made as per below and the two pieces joined. The wheel is then added. We will aim to put a video on YouTube of our cross being assembled. Once complete we are ready for our ‘Walk 2 York’.